Mehdi Bahmed


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Refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan; terror attacks in Paris, Brussels, Nice, Berlin; sexual assaults at New Years Eve in Cologne; the rise of right wing populism in Europe; all these are current issues this series of photographs is trying to exhibit.

Despite the current and often tragic events, which penetrate our every day lives with shocking news, I am certain that it’s necessary – without denying the responsibility of the Arabic domain, and without any attempts from my side to display Muslims as victims – to investigate the feelings, frustrations, discouragements, the denial, and misunderstanding, experienced by many people of the Muslim and Arabic world. If we don’t try to understand this inner tension between the Western and the Arabic realm, the despair of Muslims and their attempts of radicalization will grow further. However, to empower people in the West to understand the difficult role Arabic people are facing in this conflict, and to build bridges between both worlds, becomes an essential strategy to ensure a peaceful life between both of our cultures.