Patricia Ackerman

Not even a woman less

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Femicide is the killing of women for reasons associated with their gender. The concept of ‘femicidio’ indicates the social and generalized nature of violence based on gender inequality. It covers crimes and disappearances of women; referring to “the preventable deaths of women, going beyond the traditional concept of violent actions against them to encompass other behaviours which are usually not taken into account as, for example, the lack of female health problems in some countries health care”.

The statistics of a femicide every 30 hours in Argentina has persisted for several years, as revealed today in a report which counted 230 between the first day of 2016 and the 31 October last, murders that left 294 people motherless, most of them minors. The report covered a period when two marches were realised with the slogan” Not One Less” (Ni una menos).